The Amazing Harrison Twins

Double-ripped, double-fit: Owen and Lewis Harrison are twin brothers from the United Kingdom, born on September 13th, 1990, and international fitness models and online coaches. They have received attention within the fitness industry for their distinctively identical look. Owen and Lewis go to extreme lengths to maintain exactly the same ripped physiques. They have perfectly matching diets and fitness regimes. Even when they are apart, they plan their meals ahead and remain in constant contact. Lewis says: "As twins we do nearly everything together and are training partners. We try to keep our physiques in similar proportions to each other though we do have our differences."

Owen and Lewis were raised in the north of England in the small town Kendal. From an early age, the brothers were inseparable and enjoyed playing football together. Until the age of sixteen, the twosome were signed to the Bolton Wanderers. “Lewis and I have always been close. Since we were kids, we’ve done everything together”, Owen explains. “We went to the same school, socialized with the same group of friends and we’ve always loved playing football with each other.” Lewis adds: “When we were about 15, we started working out at the gym together too. At that point though, it was not about bodybuilding. We just trained to get fitter to play football.”

At the age of 17, Owen went on join the Royal Marines Corps. Lewis followed him there when he was 18 years old. However after 26 weeks, Lewis quit the Corps and Owen left after 3 years of service there. At the age of 20, Owen took a job as a laborer on a building site and Lewis started working as a painter and decorator. “We were both miserable. After being in the Corps, I was suddenly in a crappy job doing removals for a mate”, Owen says. “During that time, Lewis and I would read fitness magazines together and talk about how cool it would be to feature in one. We had always loved fitness so we decided to start bodybuilding together. Moreover, we decided to push ourselves to build muscle and achieve the ultimate, identical physiques.” In December 2010, the twins embarked on an ambitious scheme to get matching buff bodies. They drew up a food and exercise plan that they both followed rigidly. “We lived together, trained together and ate all the same things at the same time. It was full on”, Lewis explains. “We would even weigh out our individual meal portions carefully so that they were exactly identical." Owen adds: “We made sure we were doing exactly the same exercises and reps as each other."

In December 2011, they were hired for their first modeling shoot. This was just the beginning. As time progressed, so did their popularity and now some years later they are labeled one of the most well known twin fitness models in the world with huge social media followings motivating people all around the world to take on fitness, not as a hobby, but as a lifestyle. Owen and Lewis gained a reputation as the first ever ‘Fitness Twins’. They also became fully trained personal trainers. The two brothers run European fitness boot-camps in the UK and Europe expanding their training knowledge to others. They have featured in fitness magazines, celebrity magazines, national newspapers and websites across the globe for their identical physiques and their uniqueness within the fitness and health industry. “We really enjoy being the Harrison Twins and we can’t be having one of us bigger than the other”, Owen says. He remembers: “We were once just a pair of small town boys but now we are becoming one of the most well known models in the fitness industry!”

How it all began: In this video the Harrison twins talk about their lives and give an in sight on where they come from and what they did before they became international fitness models.

In this video the Harrison twins are being shot by top fitness photographer Tauseef, for Muscle & Fitness magazine.

Stills from the video:

Motivational video: The Harrison Twins working out

The Harrison twins' vital stats:
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 182 Pounds
Chest size: 44 inches
Arms circumference: 18 inches
Waist size: 32 inches