Ryan Terry: Ultimate Abs Series

Abs are made in the kitchen. But properly exercising your mid-section can add thickness and definition to the abs and obliques, as well as strengthening core and posture. Ryan Terry, owner of one of the world's best mid-sections, teaches how to build and sculpt abs in three videos - beginners, intermediate and advanced.


Ryan Terry shows a series of intermediate exercises for abs and obliques. It's important to vary your workout for your mid-section - not to just do the standard sit-up or crunch. Once you've achieved low body fat through proper diet and nutrition, you can use these exercises to thicken the abs and deepen the cuts to reveal a fantastic mid-section.

Top physique models like Ryan Terry use exercises like these to thicken their abdominal muscles and create deep cuts between the abs. The first step is to achieve low body fat through proper diet and nutrition. But once the sixpack is on show, you can use these exercises to create an eye-catching mid section like Ryan's.