Attila Toth: The Rising Fitness Star

When he is posing and showing off his lean muscle, it's hard to believe that he once was a chubby kid. Attila Toth is 20 years old and 6 ft 4 tall, and comes from Budapest, Hungary. He has burst on to the modelling scene after spending his teens constructing a phenomenal physique and living the complete fitness lifestyle. Attila is the founder and co-owner of Fit A&T, a fitness-oriented company, as well as a Men's Physique Competitor. In 2015 he caught the eye of top international photographers like Luis Rafael, Alex Wightman and Gilles Crofta.

This second video also shows Attila's visit to London, where he got to work with Fit Media Productions, Gilles Crofta and Alex Wightman.

Stills from the videos:

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