Dominick Nicolai: Young Winner

His ripped physique wins a stream of awards. 19 year old Dominick Nicolai is Fit Media Channel's 'Body of 2016'. The youngster from Folsom California who also serves in the Marines Reserve, became the youngest ever WBFF Fitness Model Pro in 2014. He then decided to take two years off to add size and perfect all the details of his physique, and in 2016 he will step back on stage to compete at WBFF Worlds. The title 'Body of the Year' is awarded annually by Fit Media Channel to the athlete who we believe will make the most impact on the fitness world in the following 12 months. Previous winners include Logan Franklin, Ryan Terry, Roger Snipes, Jamie Alderton and James Alexander Ellis. Dominck is the youngest ever athlete to take the title.

Stills from the video:

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