Mike Thurston: Eccentric Training For Huge Arms

Image: https://www.instagram.com/mikethurston/
Is this the royal road to bigger biceps and triceps? In his eccentric training Mike Thurston lays emphasis on the lengthening of the muscle, in contrast to concentric training and the shortening of the muscle. What you need is a training partner and spotter, then you can start and follow Mike's instructions.

Images: https://www.instagram.com/mikethurston/

Mike Thurston's notes:

- Eccentric training can generate up to 1.3 times more tension than concentric training. Greater tension provides increased stimulus to the muscle fibers, which in turn encourages greater biological adaptations.

- Strength coaches recommend using anywhere from 100% to 175% of maximum for optimal loading in eccentric work.

- Tempo should dictate how much weight you use - you should have a preset time of lowering (i.e., six seconds) in your mind before doing your set.

- Use heavier weight & slower tempo (6+ sec) for fewer reps & more sets in a given exercise.

- Eccentric training can be hazardous with certain exercises if the spotters are not properly trained or are not attentive.

- Embarking too early on an eccentric program could damage connective tissue and place the athlete at a high risk of muscle injury.

- Excessive eccentric training could result in overtraining and injuries.

- In this workout my rep ranges were 8-10, negatives 4-6 seconds, with no more than 3 sets being performed for each exercise.