Pietro Boselli: Exercise Anatomy - All Videos

This is a completely new kind of workout videos. As Pietro Boselli performs the exercises, the muscles involved are highlighted by graphic effects, so you can see what’s actually happening when you work out. Additionally you can read some quick tips on how to get the maximum out of the exercises.

The series "Exercise Anatomy" is about the questions: How exactly do you target parts of your body and build muscle? And how does exercise even work? Pietro Boselli, the international fashion and fitness model, explains: "These exercises are useful for bodybuilding and strength training. Please note that this is not a workout routine; I will discuss a workout routine in another series."

1. Shoulder Press
2. Behind the Neck Shoulder Press
3. Upright Rows
4. Lateral Raises
5. Front Raises
6. Bent Over Raises

1. Dumbell curls
2. Concentration curls
3. Barbell curls
4. Skull crushers
5. Cable tricep extensions
6. Single arm under-hand extensions
7. Peak curls

1. Bent over rows
2. Wide grip pull-ups
3. Narrow grip pull-ups
4. Wide grip lat pull-downs
5. Low pulley rows
6. Straight arm pull downs
7. Deadlifts

1. Incline dumbell press
2. Flat dumbell press
3. Incline flyies
4. Flat flyies
5. Pullovers
6. Cable flies
7. Dips

1. Sit-ups
2. Lying leg raises
3. Crunches
4. Cable twists
5. Hanging leg raises
6. Cable crunches

1. Squats
2. Front squats
3. Lunges
4. Leg curls
5. Leg extensions
6. Standing calf raises
7. Seated Calf raises